Colloquium Magazine.ISSUE 1.0 Place Out of Time
Call for Submissions, Summer 2014 
What: Issue 1.0 is the launch project for a new fine arts and documentary photography publication.
We seek to bring together photographers’ work for an in-print, group exhibition under the thematic title Place Out of Time. Future issues will follow a similar group exhibition format, each curated under the auspice of a conceptual theme. Our issues will contain minimal curator text and artist statements. They will prioritize an unimpeded viewership experience with the photograph. 
Who: Sebastian Rene is a photographer. Jess Genevieve Bailey is an art historian. 
They are the curators, producers, and writers for Colloquium Magazine Issue 1.0. 
You: Your work is why this publication should exist. Compelled by what we see in the world of 
contemporary photography, Issue 1.0 and those to follow asks you to submit your work or create new 
work for our in-print gallery. 
Our launch issue’s theme, Place Out of Time, invites you to consider the contemporary photograph within 
the history of the medium, the fluidity of your personal practice and the borderlands, spaces, and 
moments our communities inhabit. We ask you for the specific, the surrealist, the intimate, the 
documentary, the abstract, the transitory, and the location in your art practice. 
The Details: We welcome submissions from anyone with a lens. 
We ask that submissions include
- No fewer than 5 images, and no more than 10 from any individual. Include titles, dates, and locations 
when relevant.
- A high resolution format, whether in person and printed or through email.
- A full name for publishing, Artist website or CV (if desired), and an optional, no more than 200 word, 
statement about your art, your work, and/or our theme. 
If you are interested in creating a set of new work for the publication, please contact us for a discussion of 
the projected timeline. All rights to images published remain in the hands of their creators. We will 
remove any image from our online (yet to be born) platform upon request by its owner. Submitting an 
image to us condones publication of it in our magazine and confirms that it is your own original work. 
Submit to us at